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Are you seeking to determine how to value a company before you embark on an m&a transaction? Are you wondering what kind of lawyer you need for you business? Aric Williams answers these questions, as well as other common questions about business law and business legalities, through his information videos.
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How To Protect A Trademark Internationally

How To Prevent A Hostile Takeover

What Is A Sade Agreement And Its Benefits?

What Is A Trade Secret And It’s Benefits?

How Do I Protect My Copyright Internationally?

Increase Your Hospital’s Cash Flow And Value Before Selling

Prominent Regulation Concerns For A Tech IPO/ICO

Intellectual Property Considerations for Healthcare M&A

What Employment Considerations Must Be Made In Healthcare M&A


Steps In a Hospital Merger And Acquisition

Important Factors In Healthcare M&A

Three Factors That Can Make A M&A Successful

How To Protect Against A Breach In A M&A

The Most Commonly Litigated Matters In A M&A

Considering Engaging In A Merger & Acquisition

Best Corporate Structure For A Startup

Importance Of A Release In A Licensing Contract

Negotiating The Indemnification Clause

Top 5 Things You Need To Know When Starting A Business

What Is An Indemnification Clause

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